Shirts, Coats…what size???

Measuring Your Dog

Clothing Measuring Guide

In order to find the right size of clothing for your dog, please complete the following measurements with a measuring tape. If you don’t have a measuring tape use a piece of string or a shoe lace, measure them and then measure the string with a ruler or tape measure. We have included to a printable 7″ Tape Measure, you can tape them together. Be sure to use the LONG inches lines and match them up if you are taping them together otherwise your measurement will be incorrect.


Is the size of your dogs chest, at the widest point, which is generally found directly behind the front legs and up and over the back, or alternatively the thickest part of the body or trunk. Take into consideration the amount of fur your pup has.

It is our opinion that this is the most important measurement for clothing. As with humans, if it doesn’t fit around the chest, it won’t fit! Next important measurement is the length unless you have a breed with a large neck.


The Length measurement is from the base of the neck (where their collar sits) to the base of the tail (where the tail is attached).
This is the most common measurement for clothing, however the back length will not matter if the chest measurement is not appropriate. Do not go by weight if it is a clothing item. The lengths stated are the length of the item, this is more of a guide to how long the item will be on your pet’s back. The dog should be standing for this measurement, sitting can add inches.


The neck measurement is taken around the dogs neck where their collar would naturally sit. For sizing a collar, the collar should be at least 2″ longer than the neck size. This measurement is necessary for large neck dogs such as pugs, and small neck dogs such as chihuahua’s and greyhounds.
Every designer has their own sizing. Every apparel, collar or footwear items has that vendors size chart posted. Use the measurements rather than weight as just with humans, weight does not dictate a specific size. We make every effort to accurately describe all items on, however if you need more information please feel free to contact us.

Other Major Sizing Considerations
• Don’t buy a size for your pooch based on your estimation of your dog’s size, always measure you dog according to the product’s size chart.
• Does the fabric have give? Is it a knit or cotton, will your dog be able to move with ease? It’s also important to keep garment’s fabric in mind when determining a size as some materials can stretch when worn multiple times.
• If measurements fall between two sizes, please select the larger size.
• Make sure to always compare the picture and product description to ensure you’re going to get what’s pictured and described. For example, dog coats tend to be full length, whereas dog jackets tend to be shorter and many shoppers may not know this important distinction.
• Unless you have no other guide, do not estimate your dog’s size according to weight. Take the extra 3 minutes to measure your dog. In the vast world of dog breeds, weight can be a deceiving measurement.
• Lastly, after measuring your dog, if you’re still not sure, give us a call, we don’t want you to receive an item that is the wrong size. Many of our suppliers do not accept returns, and we have to abide by their policies.


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